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The most comprehensive survey and analysis of 20th-century Brazilian architecture, told by a new generation of critics and historians Covering around 200 buildings and urban designs, key events and projects appear within a series of thematic chapters Extensively illustrated with both archival black-and-white and new colour photographs, drawings and sketches Offers a fresh reading of Brazil's era of high-modernism in the 1930s-60s, placing it in context with regard to earlier and later architecture and broader changes taking place in Brazilian culture at the time Charts post-Brasilia developments, including case studies of contemporary projects, showing the relevance of Brazilian architecture within the international scene Brazil's architecture is strikingly distinct from Latin America as a whole and diverse in itself. Yet coverage of the architecture of twentieth-century Brazil is all too often confined to the work of one man (Oscar Niemeyer) or the buildings of two cities (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo). In Brazil's Modern Architecture, a new generation of Brazilian cities and historians sets the record straight, providing a truly comprehensive survey and analysis of twentieth-century Brazilian architecture. This tome embodies a vivid re-interpretation of Brazilian architecture throughout the course of the twentieth century: from the first modern houses of the 1920s and Le Corbusier's seminal visits to the country, through the well-known 'heroic' period of the 1940s-1950s to its post-1964 crisis, and up to contemporary developments. Works are examined from the 'inside' by explaining the cultural context that is crucial to a truly nuanced understanding of Brazilian architecture. With bold originality, this book clarifies the often paradoxical relation between Brazil's political, social and economic history and its architectural development. Transcending past convention, it identifies - with unprecedented insight - the momentous architectural breakthroughs of twentieth-century Brazil with its tumultuous historical life. Where previous studies saw disintegration, this volume illustrates the often unrecognized threads of continuity between the most recent architectural work and that of the high-Modernist era of the mid-century. Presented with elegan


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with the rio olympics well underway, we take a look at some of the most eye-catching examples of modernist brazilian architecture. from oscar niemeyer to paulo mendes da rocha, see below for a ...

modernist brazilian architecture: 8 eye-catching examples

This particular type of architecture was adopted after World War Two, when function took precedence over form. Oscar Niemeyer remains one of the world's best known modernist architects, and certainly left a very clear imprint on the architecture of Brazil.